Domestic Programs

Domestic Programs (DPO) is home to several separate programs and activities, many of which are described in detail elsewhere in this report. Some of these programs link the college with the community. The other activities and projects aim to inform the debate on public policy in the metropolitan Atlanta area, the state of Georgia, and the nation through research and education. The issues addressed include those associated with the structure of urban areas, government tax and expenditure policy, environmental policy, education, program evaluation, social policies, and economic development. Overtime, some of the specific topics have included the evaluation of pre-K programs, analysis of the transition from welfare to work, studies of teacher retention, a multi-year study of public housing transformation, and studies of the labor market opportunities of low-skilled workers. Domestic Programs also houses Atlanta Census — a portal that allows easy mapping of census data. Funding comes from a variety of governmental, foundation and business sources.

David L. Sjoquist is the Director of Domestic Programs.


The Educational Policy Group provides research and recommendation on issues related to education policy in Georgia.

The Environmental Economics Group provides research and recommendation on issues related to environmental policy and regulations regionally, nationally and globally.

The Georgia Administrative Data Project involves the development of a database built on the unemployment insurance records from the Georgia Department of Labor and welfare records for the Georgia Department of Human Resources.

The Urban-Regional Policy Group provides research and recommendations on issues related to urban and regional policy in Georgia.

Technical Assistance

The DPO staff provides technical assistance to several government officials and agencies, these include:

Atlanta Committee for Progress
Atlanta Community Foundation
Atlanta Regional Commission
Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning
Georgia Department of Human Resources
Georgia Department of Transportation
Georgia Institute of Technology
Metropolitan Atlanta Community Foundation
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Institute for Early Education Research
North Carolina Disadvantaged Student Supplemental Funding Program
Office of University-Community Partnerships at Emory University
Stanford University
The Civic League for Regional Atlanta
The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
University of North Carolina
United Nations Environment Programme
U.S. Centers for Disease Control
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Woodruff Foundation
World Wildlife Fund