Center Experts


  • bahlr Roy Bahl -

    An expert in public finance, Roy Bahl has extensive experience consulting on state and local government issues with public and private agencies, including Standard & Poor’s Corp., several city and state governments, and federal agencies. Bahl headed the staffs of the Ohio and Georgia Tax Commissions. He has served on the editorial boards of the… more »

  • bluestonep_0.jpg Peter Bluestone -

    Peter Bluestone is a senior research associate with the Fiscal Research Center and Center for State and Local Finance. His research includes urban economics, static and dynamic economic impact modeling, and state and local fiscal policy. His work includes modeling state and local impacts of policy changes and economic development using various economic models, including… more »

  • BobBuschman02ps3_rdax_214x300 Robert Buschman -

    Robert Buschman is a senior research associate with the Fiscal Research Center (FRC) and the Center for State and Local Finance. He is FRC’s key contact for fiscal note analyses of proposed Georgia revenue legislation. His research interests include corporate and personal taxation, growth and equity effects of tax reform, state and local fiscal policy, and other… more »

  • pandeyl.jpg Lakshmi Pandey -

    Lakshmi Pandey is a senior research associate with the Fiscal Research Center. He specializes in working with administrative data and also provides analytical and technical support on research projects, such as welfare to work, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and unemployment insurance for U.S. Department of Agriculture, census data analysis, geographical information systems, incorporation and… more »

  • riderm.jpg Mark Rider -

    Mark Rider is a public finance and applied microeconomics specialist. He has worked on revenue forecasting and tax analysis projects for Georgia State University’s Russia Fiscal Reform Project and the Sri Lanka Tax Policy Training Program. Previously, he worked for the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Tax Analysis where he was responsible for forecasting current law… more »

  • wheelerl.jpg Laura Wheeler -

    Laura Wheeler is a senior research associate at the Fiscal Research Center and Center for State and Local Finance at Georgia State University. During her time at Georgia State University, Wheeler has worked on many issues related to state and local governments, such as forecasting revenue effects of proposed legislation, local government structure and finances,… more »