Employment and Wages in Georgia after the Great Recession

By Lakshmi Pandey, Senior Research Associate

Using American Community Survey data, these charts and corresponding table show a comparison of average wages and total employment from 2009 to 2013 in Georgia. The charts show changes in employment over the period, changes in average wages (in 2013 dollars) and the 2013 total employment by sector.

There are four distinct corners to this chart:

  1. Bubbles in the top right corner indicate where a sector has added jobs since 2009 and on average employees are receiving higher wages since 2009. This can be thought of as the most desirable location on the chart, but Georgia has very few sectors in this corner.
  2. The top left corner indicates sectors that have lost jobs over the period, but employees are making higher wages than in 2009.
  3. The bottom right corner shows sectors that have added jobs, but on average people are making less money in those jobs than in 2009. Of note in this area are the accommodation and food services and healthcare and social assistance sectors.
  4. The least desirable location is the bottom left corner, where sectors have smaller number of jobs and lower wages in 2013 than in 2009. Unfortunately, Georgia has several sectors in this quadrant.

ACS Pandey Blog Chart 1

ACS Pandey Blog Chart 2

ACS Pandey Blog Chart 3