Fiscal Notes and Legislative Support

Fiscal Notes

Under Georgia law (O.C.G.A. § 28-5-42), whenever a bill is introduced in the General Assembly that would have a significant impact on anticipated state revenues or expenditures, the bill’s sponsor or the committee to which it is assigned must request a fiscal note from the State Auditor and the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) estimating the anticipated change in revenues or expenditures under the bill.The completed fiscal note is attached to the bill in committee, read into the record, and distributed to members of the General Assembly before any final vote on the bill.  The Fiscal Research Center supports the General Assembly in this process by analyzing the effects of revenue-related bills, developing the short- and long-range estimates of their impacts on state revenues, and writing fiscal notes under contract with the State Auditor and OPB.  Requests for fiscal notes must be made through the Office of Planning and Budget and the State Auditor and are not handled independently through the Fiscal Research Center.

For questions about fiscal notes, please contact Robert Buschman.

Resources for Legislators

In additional to state fiscal notes, the Fiscal Research Center produces additional publications that legislators and their staff may find useful.

Annual Publications:

  • Georgia Taxes: Summary of Major State and Local Government Taxes
  • Georgia’s Rankings Among the States: Budget, Taxes and Other Indicators