Welcome from the Director

20140819MLB_Sally_Wallace_002PSFC_o2-620x868Welcome to the website of the Fiscal Research Center (FRC) of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.

Established in 1995, our center has a rich history of supporting the needs of today’s state and local governments in the areas of tax policy, expenditure policy and the Georgia Economy. The scholarship and scholars that the FRC has supported over the past 20 years have been instrumental in making the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies 4th in the nation in public finance according to US News & World Report.

In 2014, the Fiscal Research Center spun off the Center for State and Local Finance (CSLF).  The FRC proper continues to focus on Georgia state and local tax policy while the CSLF has a broader mission of research, training, and technical assistance focused on “next generation public finance.” State and local tax research continues to be shared between the two Centers, while the CSLF also focuses on the topic areas of education finance, budget and fiscal policy, and urban policy and economic development.

Some of the key activities of the Fiscal Research Center include the following:

  • Providing data, research, and technical support to the Georgia State Economist;
  • Producing tax related fiscal notes and the annual Georgia Tax Expenditure Budget for the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget and the Department of Audits and Accounts;
  • Providing research and advisement to policy-makers, including the Governor and General Assembly on tax policy;
  • Supporting data needs, graduate assistants, and faculty research in the area of Georgia state and local tax policy.

In our website we have tried to provide a number or resources for research on Georgia specific state and local tax policy including the many publications that the FRC has produced over the years. I hope you’ll explore our website and learn more about how the Fiscal Research Center can help you.


Sally Wallace, Director
Professor of Economics
Andrew Young School of Policy Studies